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Evernote Requests Users to Reset PasswordsMar 3, 13 6am

Evernote recently sent an e-mail to its users telling them to reset their passwords as they have been recently been added to the list of top companies that has been attempted to be hacked this year. Evernote sent an e-mail requiring its users of nearly 50 million to change their passwords to a more secure one explaining that they have recently been a victim of a hacking attempt.

Iowa noted for being healthyMar 1, 13 3pm

Iowa has recently been recognized for all of its hard work toward public health. It has reached the top ten healthiest states in all the nation, according to a recent announcement on [ads]Recently, cities all across the state of Iowa have become what are called Blue Zones.

Iowa City woman takes everyone to the promMar 1, 13 2pm

An Iowa City woman has taken it upon herself to begin a program making sure everyone has the chance to go to the prom, even if they cannot readily afford to buy a brand new dress or rent a tuxedo to go.

Google is Testing a New Navigation DesignFeb 28, 13 9pm

Google recently confirmed that they are working on a new navigation scheme to change the black navi bar on top of their home page. The new version of the Google navigation is now being tested.

Gates and Zuckerberg Get Kids to CodeFeb 26, 13 10pm

Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg join the train of celebrities that encourages kids to be interested in basic programming.  Celebrities appear to be using their popularity in various fields to promote Code.

Foster a Pet in Iowa City with "Cold Noses, Warm Hearts"Feb 26, 13 9pm

The Iowa City Animal and Adoption Center is re-announcing its animal foster care program, "Cold Noses, Warm Hearts," to the public in anticipation of overcrowding, even though a new building is on the horizon for the center.

Adobe Addresses Vulnerabilities with Yet Another PatchFeb 26, 13 9pm

Recently, many security vulnerabilities have been discovered in some software programs. According to recent discoveries, these vulnerabilities are known and used by hackers to penetrate computers and networks, wrecking computers and gaining valuable identity information.

Samsung Looks to Do it AgainFeb 26, 13 9pm

Rumors have been going around for months, and though Samsung has managed to keep its plans under wraps thus far, the truth has finally come out a little more than two weeks before it makes an official announcement.

Medical Marijuana on the Table in IowaFeb 25, 13 10pm

Medical marijuana is being proposed to Iowa City in the upcoming legislation sessions with the help of an Iowa senator.

Messy Eating Gets Iowa City Man a CitationFeb 25, 13 10pm

Occasionally, when faced with the risk of being caught with marijuana, an individual makes up his mind to eat the evidence and potentially get out of the charge. This is something that usually fails, and it has once again with an Iowa City man recently.
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