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What's with the new iPhone?Sep 6, 13 4pm

As the time for the Apple release is nearing, it only seems appropriate to take a look at what we know, and what we think we know as well, about the newest installment of the widely popular iPhone. Here are some of the biggest rumors, according to pcmag.

Iowa City School Board member could lose law licenseSep 6, 13 2pm

An Iowa City official faces the possibility of losing his law license for a period of time after it was discovered he falsified a number of documents, according to recent announcements.

Good-bye to BentleySep 6, 13 2pm

Iowa City is saying goodbye to a member of its administration who is accepting another position.It has been announced on The Gazette website that the administrative assistant to the city manager in Iowa City will be leaving to take another position he has been offered in Kansas.

Nebraska man arrested for scheming Iowa City bank for over $60,000Sep 6, 13 1pm

A man from Nebraska was recently arrested after successfully scamming an Iowa City bank out of over $60,000 in a scheme that dates back to January of this year. [ads]59-year-old Mickey Don Davis of Nebraska has been arrested, according to records, after he received a wire in January of nearly $62,000 into his bank account at MidwestOne Bank in Iowa City.

Minneapolis Comic Con to feature Power RangersAug 3, 13 9pm

Early today the largest comic-book and popular-culture convention in Minneapolis announced a third former star of Power Rangers would be returning to the convention in 2013.Minneapolis, MN - August 3, 2013 - The Minneapolis comic con, Meta Con, announced that Power Rangers star Michael Copon will return to the convention for the second time.

Apple meets some heat from China Labor Watch, and gets outedJul 29, 13 4pm

It looks like Apple may be in a bit of trouble, according to an article on the Information Week website. The reports state that China Labor Watch has allegedly claimed that Apple, Inc., the technology giant, has not met labor standards for the production of its new iPhones in China.

University of Iowa faces new healthcare rulesJul 29, 13 3pm

The new healthcare guidelines are looming for the entire country, and University of Iowa is no different. The college and its facilities prepare to be drastically affected by the new health care program set to go into effect January 1, 2015.

Sony reigning in the Next Gen battleJul 28, 13 10pm

The biggest battle of the year this year is not a celebrity fued, or even arguably Apple vs. Android. The technology world is talking about the Next Gen console battle, as two of the top video game console companies are set to release their brand new consoles later this year.

XBox 360 indie developers could self-publish on XBox LiveJul 28, 13 9pm

All the video game buzz recently has been related to the two Next Gen consoles that are set to come out around this holiday season, and XBox developers have been seeming to be lacking a little ammo to compete with Sony.

Iowa City couple turns to burglary to support habitsJul 28, 13 9pm

An Iowa City man and woman face multiple charges after attempting to break into homes early Thursday morning while their children were left at home alone. [ads]Iowa City police responded to a call that a woman with red hair was attempting to break into someone's home.
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