The Owl is a news website regularly updated about local news in Iowa City, in addition to important world news topics. The Owl is updated by a diverse team of writers from many different backgrounds. Our goal is to cover events in the Iowa City effectively, while also giving readers information about global happenings. This page includes contact information for the Owl.

You may contact the Iowa City Owl by direct mail to:

The Owl
1550 S. Gilbert St
Iowa City, IA 52240

Newsroom: 240-428-6666 ext 4

You may also contact the editor online with any questions.


Managing Editor: Ryan L. Kopf

On-the-street Editor: Shane O'Shaughnessy
Metro Editor: Nicole Fulmer
World News Contributor: James Beck
Regional News Correspondant: Nathan D. Kerns
Political Correspondant: Ari Cassiday
Local Correspondant: Lauren Alexis Wood
General Correspondant: Kathleen Blair

Writers & Staff
Brianna Petersen
Melissa Ford
Bruce Lapham