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LivingSocial's Website HackedApr 26, 13 11pm

LivingSocial says its website was hacked and that personal data of approximately 50 million customers may have been compromised.

Stop Big Brother to hold anti-surveillance eventApr 21, 13 3pm

Iowa City's Stop Big Brother organization was to hold an anti-surveillance event Saturday, and they were even supposed to fly a drone at  the event in order to gain signatures on a petition against red light and speed cameras in Iowa City.

Boston tragedy affects Iowa CityApr 16, 13 9pm

The Boston bombing has literally affected people from all across the nation, and Iowa City is no different. The tragedy has rocked the city, and residents as well as those that hail from Iowa City are reacting to the horrors that recently passed.

Man arrested for shaking a babyApr 16, 13 9pm

An Iowa man was arrested Monday, April 15 after it was reported that he was shaking a baby in the middle of the street in Iowa City. [ads]Police responded to a report early Monday that there was a man in the middle of Plum Street at a little after 3 a.

Iowa City: 'There's an app for that'Apr 14, 13 11pm

Iowa City has a new development in the technological world. There will be a brand new smartphone and iPhone application rolling out that will allow you to file nuisance and other small complaints with the city right through the app.

Facebook’s Small Business ProgramApr 13, 13 8pm

Facebook is now educating new and small merchants about online businesses and advertising, while introducing their ad tools on the side.With online shops being a huge hit, 3% of other small businesses advertise their products and services online in hope of gaining more customers and profit.

Facebook and GM repair relationshipApr 13, 13 5pm

It's official: Facebook and GM have made up. According to appearances on Facebook of GM ads and articles on and, Chevrolet has been advertising on Facebook again.[ads]Less than a year ago, GM publicly criticized Facebook's advertising methods, claiming that advertising on the site was not effective.

Police looking for sexual assault suspectApr 9, 13 8pm

Iowa City Police are looking for information about an individual that is suspected in a sexual assault investigation. The assault happened off-campus to a female University of Iowa student early morning on April 7.

ISU student has eyes on Iowa City BarsApr 9, 13 8pm

An Iowa resident and junior at Iowa State University has his sights on Iowa City to expand his campaign of placing breathalyzer machines into bards in the state of Iowa. [ads]T.J. Elbert has been working with his organization, Safe Living, to put machines in bars across Iowa, and now he has his sights set on Iowa City.

The price was right for one Iowa City womanApr 9, 13 8pm

Keep your eyes on daytime television, Iowa City. An Iowa City woman got her chance to be on the popular game show "The Price is Right," and not too long after her 50th birthday, either. [ads]Tamera Poeschl of Iowa City celebrated her birthday in a big way, even though it was a little late.
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