ISU student has eyes on Iowa City Bars

Iowa City Owl
An Iowa resident and junior at Iowa State University has his sights on Iowa City to expand his campaign of placing breathalyzer machines into bards in the state of Iowa.

T.J. Elbert has been working with his organization, Safe Living, to put machines in bars across Iowa, and now he has his sights set on Iowa City.

Since May of 2012, Iowa City bars have gained a total of 10 breath testing machines across Iowa City in various bars.

But Elbert is not stopping there.

He has turned his attention to Iowa City now, in hopes of placing more machines in Iowa City bars, and he is not alone. Elbert is actually standing alongside another organization on his mission.

Be SAFE (Supporting Alcohol Friendly Establishments), has been working to put breath test machines in various bars all across Iowa City.

The groups are not in competition at all. In fact, they are pleased to know that they are working on the same mission and have even announced hopes that they would be working together on their common goal.

The two groups do use different types of machines. Elbert's machines work just like vending machines. They cost $1 to use and give back a reading when the consumer blows into a straw.

The goal is the same for both organizations, though. Both hope that installing the machines in bars will help people make better decisions about drinking and driving.

The trend is catching on somewhat in bars. Older drinkers tend to take the machines much more seriously than college students, but this is expected. Both organizations have hopes that the machines will catch on.
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