Bettendorf Seeks Centralized Police Station Amid Development Priorities

Bettendorf city officials are looking to carve out a more central location for the police department as part of a broader development plan. The municipal office, located at 1609 State St., is currently feeling the strain of constrained space. There is no adjoining land available on which to expand, leading to a proposition of building a new police station elsewhere.

By removing the police department from City Hall, other city departments get a chance to utilize the freed space. The city is looking for a prime location for the new station, ideally at the heart of Bettendorf as it continues to expand northwards and eastwards. The city council has considered this issue as one of their 14 primary goals to be accomplished in 2024. This objective also includes a voter referendum to fund the new police station.

The possibility of constructing the new station on Devils Glen Road at Crow Creek Road has been raised, where the U.S. Post Office and the city’s public works department are situated. The council is likely to hire Bray Architects to study the space needs of the city and construct different options with cost estimates for building and remodelling.

Apart from the police station, other development priorities include elements like support for expansion around the TBK Bank Sports and Entertainment Complex, the construction of a sewer lift station near Forest Grove Park for future growth, and the initiative to implement a new comprehensive plan and a future land use map predicting growth till 2045 with a projected population beyond 57,000.

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