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On the Lookout for OS X 10.9Mar 17, 13 12am

The newest operating system from Apple is expected to be released this summer, and Apple users are already looking out for what they can expect from it. [ads]OS X 10.9 is set to be released sometime in 2013.

What Does Iowa City Think of the Decision?Mar 16, 13 11pm

The decision was made, and it affected not only The Vatican, but Catholics all around the world. What does Iowa City think of the decision for the new Pope.Iowa City has reported that the Catholic churches and schools have been reacting to the decision-making process and the new Pope.

Iowa City Police Department Witnesses BirthMar 16, 13 11pm

Iowa City Police had an interesting traffic stop last Sunday night. Instead of a routine couple that was speeding, they discovered a couple that had much more reason to be flying through the streets of Iowa City.

Gmail for Mobile and Web Gets an UpdateMar 11, 13 7pm

Google recently announced that they are working on a new design for the Gmail mobile and web app similar to the iOS app version that they have recently released.The new design isn’t technically new, as the update looks very similar to what Google has recently released for the iOS app version of Gmail, with larger fonts, icons and loads of whitespace.

Iowa City Library makes changes for teensMar 10, 13 8pm

The Iowa City Library has decided that the time has come to make some changes for young adults. Those changes, according to a post on The Gazette website, have been for the better.

Slash and...Angry Birds?Mar 8, 13 10pm

When we think of Slash from the popular rock band Guns 'N Roses, we tend to think of a lot of things - top hats, wild hair, sunglasses, guitars, loud music, the list goes on. None of these things, though, would usually be Angry Birds.

District Judge Allows Apple vs. Samsung Case to Go ForwardMar 8, 13 10pm

After an initial rejection and an appeal by Apple, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh has reversed her decision and allowed the second of two cases filed by Apple against Samsung to proceed. [ads]Apple won the first case it filed against Samsung last year over recent technology, according to an article on the CNet website.

Facebook Acquires StorylaneMar 8, 13 7pm

Facebook recently announced that they have acquired the team behind the blogging platform, Storylane.The platform’s founder, Jonathan Gheller, blogged about the news in the Storylane website earlier today telling Storylane members that they have already been acquired by Facebook.

Accused mother in drunken toddler case arrested againMar 5, 13 9pm

The Iowa City mother accused in a case involving a drunken toddler has been placed under arrest again, but this ntime in an unrelated incident, once again involving alcohol.

Google Maps Gets First Big UpdateMar 5, 13 6pm

The ever famous Google Maps for iOS finally gets an update with features such as local search options and Google contacts integration. Google confirmed today that they have released the first update to the well renowned mapping software for iOS, Google Maps.
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