Accused mother in drunken toddler case arrested again

Iowa City Owl
The Iowa City mother accused in a case involving a drunken toddler has been placed under arrest again, but this ntime in an unrelated incident, once again involving alcohol. 

27-year-old Natasha Kriener was arrested and eventually given a suspended prison sentence of up to 10 years on a charge of felony child endangerment and neglect, according to an article on the Quad City Times website. 

The case stemmed from an investigation started when the father of the infant in question took his child to the hospital for strange behavior. The child was discovered to be intoxicated. 

Kriener was placed on a suspended prison sentence, which meant probation for three years. If she violates the probation, she will return to prison to serve the full term for the charges. 

Kriener was placed under arrest today on charges from a separate incident.
According to the police report, she and her sister were detained. The sister is a minor, and Kriener was found to be intoxicated. Another woman was also present during the incident. She was placed under arrest in addition to Kriener. 

Police are currently investigating whether Kriener's arrest is in violation of her probation for the child endangerment charge. 

Kriener currently remains lodged in the Johnson County Jail. An attorney is not listed for her and no bond has been issued as of yet.
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