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Iowa City Man Choked WifeFeb 17, 4pm

Police placed an Iowa City man under arrest after responding to a call that he was allegedly choking his girlfriend until she vomited and lost control of her bladder. [ads]According to an article posted on the Iowa City Patch website, police responded to a woman who called them, claiming that she had been chocked by her husband.

Laptop-Tablets Might Be a Threat to AppleFeb 16, 11pm

The new cross between laptops and tablets may be a threat to Apple, says Citibank analyst Glen Yeung.

Staples to Carry AppleFeb 16, 4pm

There is big news on the horizon for the lovers of Apple, Inc. products. According to a police report on the Slash Gear website, Apple and Staples are now working together in the United States, following suit after Canada.

Man Tried to Bite OfficerFeb 16, 3pm

According to a recent article posted on the Iowa City Patch website, the Iowa City Police Department made an unusual arrest the night of Friday, February 15. An incident at a local bar and grill led to a doorman being punched and a man trying to bite a police officer.

Facebook Admits it was HackedFeb 15, 7pm

Facebook recently admitted that their system was hacked in January when their employees unintentionally downloaded a malware that has put the security of the platform at risk. Facebook referred to the hacking as sophisticated, but appealed that Facebook user data were not compromised by this attack.

The PS4 May Say Good-Bye to Thumb SticksFeb 14, 10pm

A recent Forbes article discussed what may be a new and very unusual feature of the PS4 controllers that are set to come out with Sony's new redesigned game system. The new feature may change the face of Sony's Playstation completely.

Police Witness Child Playing with CrackFeb 14, 8pm

The Iowa City Police Department recently had a very unusual experience that led to the arrest of an Iowa City woman. [ads]Police recently reported that they witnessed a young child playing with a crack rock while they questioned a woman in Iowa City.

President Obama Signs Cybersecurity Executive OrderFeb 13, 8am

US President Barack Obama finally signed the much anticipated executive order that requires national organizations to share cyber threat evidence with private companies.It was announced during President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address that the order requires the creation of a cybersecurity outline to reduce risks to companies providing critical base.

State of the Union RecapFeb 12, 9pm

President Obama addressed the nation this evening with the State of the Union speech. He focused on the discussion of our economy and creating jobs in the United States.

Google: Willing To Pay Apple $1 Billion To Be Default Web Browser On iOSFeb 12, 6am

Google might just pay Apple $ 1 Billion to be the default  web browser of iOS instead of Safari. The two companies apparently have a per-device deal in place rather than a revenue sharing deal, analyst Scott Devitt of Morgan Stanley wrote in a report titled “The Next Google Is Google.
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