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US Embassy: Jamaica Could Be Next Terrorist HavenSep 8, 11 3pm

As a convicted radical extremist Muslim cleric returns to Jamaica to preach violence, the U.S. Embassy in Jamaica thinks Jamaica may become the next hotspot for Islamic extremism. A diplomatic cable released last week by the whistle-blower website Wikileaks suggests state officials are concerned over the likelihood of Jamaica becoming a haven for Islamic extremists.

Who the #*@% is Ron Paul?Sep 2, 11 2pm

Ron Paul has suggested dismantling FEMA, withdrawing all of our troops from abroad, returning to the gold standard, and ending the Federal Reserve. He consistently refuses to vote for or accept new legislation due to its lack of constitutionality.

Don't Choose A "Strong" PasswordSep 2, 11 1pm

Everywhere where you create a password these days, they ask you to make sure to include letters, numbers, and capital letters in some sort of variation to make a supposedly strong password. Turns out, you're just creating passwords that are relatively easy for computers to guess - yet hard for humans to remember.

Misfortune and Occult delight the Landlocked Film FestivalSep 1, 11 1pm

The 5th annual Landlocked Film Festival took place last weekend in Iowa City at several locations downtown. Englert Theatre, hotelVetro, Iowa City Public Library, and Bijou Theatre hosted independent film screenings, workshops and panels with directors from August 25 – 28.

Tea Party Express Rolls Through IowaAug 31, 11 12pm

Conservatives around Iowa are awaiting the arrival of the Tea Party Express, which is scheduled to make stops in Sioux City, Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, and Davenport, Iowa during the group’s national bus tour on August 31, and September 1.

What's up in Iowa City this week.Aug 31, 11 10am

Iowa City has a lot of interesting and unique events happening every week, so here are a few cool Iowa City events you might want to check out this week.

Can Google TV Survive?Aug 30, 11 2pm

Since October 2011, Google TV has been available in the United States. The next step in syncing our lives, Google TV allows users a customizable homepage, where users can keep shortcuts for their favorite channels, apps and games.

Tibetan Monk Immolates Himself in Public ProtestAug 26, 11 4pm

On Monday August 15th, a Tibetan Buddhist monk immolated himself in protest of the Chinese policies related to Tibet, coinciding with the Chinese communist party's latest political moves. He publicly doused his body and drank petroleum while shouting, “We Tibetan people want freedom” and “long live the Dalai Lama.

Iowa City Events This WeekAug 26, 11 4pm

With Afroman having performed at the Blue Moose last night, and Kenan Thompson live in the IMU tonight, there's a lot of local stuff happening in Iowa City. Events ranging from concerts, movie screenings, and festivals happen all the time here.

Libyan Conflict Still Remains Up in SmokeAug 25, 11 1am

The war in Libya might finally be drawing to a close.
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