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Bettendorf Seeks Centralized Police Station Amid Development PrioritiesNov 12, 23 8pm

Bettendorf city officials are looking to carve out a more central location for the police department as part of a broader development plan. The municipal office, located at 1609 State St., is currently feeling the strain of constrained space.

ICU Beds going beyond capacity in Davenport or Silvis: GenesisAug 31, 21 2pm

Genesis Health Systems reportedly confirmed that 19 of 20 ICU beds in Davenport and about 5 of 6 ICU beds in Silvis are occupied, meaning hospitals in these cities are running out of capacity for new patients needing critical and intensive care.

Anything You Need to Know About The Legalities of CBD Products in IowaAug 26, 21 1pm

Many people use CBD products for various practical purposes. The plant has gained enormous popularity across the globe for different health benefits, including pain relief, stress reduction, and many others.

Otaku Talk - Organizing Cosplay Events and ConventionsAug 17, 21 1pm

Cosplay events and conventions have become the perfect destinations for anime, comic book, and video game fans to meet new people and just have fun. This are the perfect occasions where you get not only cool stuff from the various booths and panels you will stumble upon, you will also get to have cool freebies too (if you’re lucky.

Japan Media News- 34th Volume of 'Hunter x Hunter' to be released in JuneMay 10, 17 11am

It was revealed by 7net, a Japanese online retailer, that the 34th volume of Hunter x Hunter is slated to be released on June 26. With this announcement, fans of the well-loved series will more reason to be hyped and looking forward to the upcoming new chapters.

Meanwhile in Japan, Stage Play Adaptation of 'Attack of Titan' Gets CancelledApr 13, 17 7pm

Japan is popular not only for its rich culture and innovative contributions; it is also the home for Anime, Manga, and the related subcultures.

Bernie Sanders Wins Iowa CaucusFeb 1, 16 11pm

United States Senator from Vermont, Bernard "Bernie" Sanders, has won the Iowa democratic caucus tonight, according to the Iowa City Owl. Sanders, who started his campaign in Iowa roughly 9 months ago, rallied against what he calls "establishment politics" and a "corrupt campaign finance system.

Pairing western food with Nihon SakeOct 1, 14 8am

The head of a centuries-old sake brewery in southern Japan, Kensuke Shichida spent the week touring the restaurant scene of London. Far from home, his palate was greeted by an array of exotic dishes such as pub food, burgers, fries, English beef, croissants, and ceviche.

Internet users win victory in phone unlocking.Aug 6, 14 12am

The Internet has been known to do some amazing things. It has tackled a multiple of social issues and miraculously halt any legislative work in its tracks. The Internet has proven itself to be a powerful tool yet it never directly jumped right into legislation until the year 2014.

XBox to improve Smart Glass for Next GenSep 6, 13 4pm

As the time for the Next Gen consoles nears, XBox seems to be scrambling to improve every part of the experience possible, and current XBox owners are reaping the benefits of the customer pleasing efforts.
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