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Microsoft to Give a Preview of Xbox Durango in MayApr 9, 13 12pm

Preview of the new Xbox, code named Durango, is scheduled in May. As reported in The Verge, Microsoft will be giving a preview of the new Xbox at a special event in May.

Iowa City house fire injures oneApr 7, 13 5pm

The Iowa City Fire Department responded to a house fire Wednesday morning that resulted in the injury and hospitalization of one Iowa City woman.[ads]The Iowa City Fire Department responded to a call at around 8 a.

Facebook Announces New App: Facebook HomeApr 5, 13 10am

Facebook recently announced their latest app, Facebook Home, which replaces the standard Android home screen with full-screen photos, notifications and status updates. Facebook Home is said to launch on April 12th in the US.

Twitter to ChargeApr 1, 13 9pm

Twitter has found a new way to make money from its users, and the opinions are mixed. No matter what the opinion, there is no doubt that the new method is unique. [ads]Twitter will soon begin to charge $5 a month for its customers to use the full version of its service.

UI Softball to Host "Awareness Day"Apr 1, 13 9pm

This weekend will be a very big day for the powerful University of Iowa softball team as they will host an "Awareness Day" this coming Saturday. [ads]The event is focused on raising awareness of issues within the community, with the help of organizations that the team has been working with throughout the year.

YouTube Announces to Shutdown in April Fool's PrankMar 31, 13 11pm

Youtube announced that it will no longer accept video entries on April Fool’s and that the site was just an eight-year contest to look for the best video.

Google announces this year's April Fool's prankMar 31, 13 6pm

April Fool's Day is tomorrow, and the pranks will all be around. Many websites have their pranks in store for this year, and Google is one of these sites. Google will be changing its Map service to a treasure map to join in the April Fool's Day fun.

No patent for AppleMar 31, 13 5pm

It's bad news for Apple.According to a an article recently released on, Apple applied for a patent on their new iPad mini, but the patent was denied. [ads]After the technology giant introduced its new iPad mini version, Apple applied for a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on the device.

Iowa City pulls recruitment video from its websiteMar 30, 13 7pm

A recruitment video for the Iowa City Police Department has caused some concerns with the community members and, as a result, has been taken off the police department's website. [ads]The Iowa City Police Department posted the recruitment video that suddenly raised concerns over three years ago.

Microsoft and Google cross over to PCsMar 30, 13 7pm

Lately, many technology companies have been reaching out of their niches and crossing over to other types of technology. Two unusual trends like this have started for PCs that can have a significant impact on the technology world, according to CNet.
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