YouTube Announces to Shutdown in April Fool's Prank

Iowa City Owl
Youtube announced that it will no longer accept video entries on April Fool’s and that the site was just an eight-year contest to look for the best video. 

The announcement was part of the Google April Fool's Prank train, and in a 3:32 minute video posted in the site’s homepage, representatives from Youtube announced: "It's finally time to pick the winner,

The message of the video tells the viewers that the most popular video sharing site would be closing at the end of April first to review all the videos it ever received throughout the eight long years it has been on the internet to choose the best video ever uploaded, and the winner was said to be announced in 2023. 

Tom Liston, named as "competition director” stated that:

"We are so close to the end. Tonight at midnight, will no longer be accepting entries. After eight amazing years, it is finally time to review everything that has been uploaded to our site and begin the process of selecting a winner," 

The site’s CEO Salar Kamangar said that they started Youtube in 2005 as a contest with a simple goal and that is to find the best video in the world.  

Google bought YouTube in 2006 for $1.65 billion. The video sharing site was said to have more than a billion of users and viewers each month, with smartphone viewing helps in increasing its growth. 
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