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Microsoft Will Refund Windows Azure CustomersFeb 24, 9pm

Microsoft will have to refund its Windows Azure customers due to an expired SSL certificate which further caused a 12 hour outage that affected at least 52 services, including Xbox Live.General Manager Steven Martin wrote the scope of the reason for refund on a blog post.

Twitter Adds Email Authentication To Help Cut Down Login Attempts of HackersFeb 21, 11pm

Twitter recently announced that they have begun using DMARC earlier this month to help cut down on phishing scams, wherein other companies attempts to trick Twitter users’ into giving out their log in details by pretending to be Twitter.

Top Chef to Come to Back to Iowa CityFeb 21, 8pm

Iowa City will bring Top Chef back next month for the third consecutive year, according to an article released on the Iowa City Patch website. This event is perfect for food lovers. [ads]The 3rd Annual Top Chef follows suit of what has thus far been a very popular event held by the Iowa City Downtown District.

Iowa Focuses on Strip ClubsFeb 21, 8pm

Iowa has been focusing lately on strip clubs in its legislatures. According to a recent post on, a legislation is being considered that would allow cities in Iowa to regulate strip clubs more closely.

Iowa City Hears the Story of a War PrisonerFeb 21, 8pm

A recent story on the Daily Iowan told of an Iranian War Prisoner who has stepped forward to the University of Iowa and told her story about being falsely imprisoned in Iran for 100 days and her experience when she was there.

Teacher Stopped Knife AttackFeb 21, 8pm

An Iowa City Community Schools teacher stopped a 17-year old female from what could have been a fatal attack at an Iowa City restaurant Monday. He was initially not identified, but some confirmations have come about the identity of the alleged hero in the incident.

Mark Zuckerberg Helps Extend Human Life by Co-Sponsoring $33M PrizeFeb 21, 12am

Facebook co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Pricilla are lending a huge amount of their fortune to help extend human life through the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences.

Latest iOS 6 Update Fixes Battery-Drain BugFeb 19, 6pm

The latest iOS 6 update (6.1.2) is on its way and it is designed specifically to fix the bug that is affecting the battery performance of some iOS devices caused by Microsoft Exchange.Apple has once again announced that they will be releasing a small update to iOS 6 that would fix a bug that has been cutting Apple devices’ battery life caused by a bug in Microsoft Exchange.

Posterous Announces Closure, New Service Launched to Transfer Files to RivalFeb 18, 5am

Following Posterous’ announcement that they are closing down on April, a new service was launched that would allow Posterous users to transfer their files to the blogging platform’s rival site: Tumblr.

Samsung Matches Apple AgainFeb 17, 5pm

Apple recently leaked information about their new device, the smart watch, recently. This device will change the the world of watches and portable devices. Unfortunately, Apple is not the only one on the ball.
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