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Google: Willing To Pay Apple $1 Billion To Be Default Web Browser On iOSFeb 12, 13 6am

Google might just pay Apple $ 1 Billion to be the default  web browser of iOS instead of Safari. The two companies apparently have a per-device deal in place rather than a revenue sharing deal, analyst Scott Devitt of Morgan Stanley wrote in a report titled “The Next Google Is Google.

French and Malian Force Reclaim GaoFeb 11, 13 6pm

It has been confirmed that the French and Malian forces have reclaimed Gao. Gao, a northern town in Mali, has been the epicenter of activity with Islamist rebels. This is after long and treacherous fighting with rebels that occurred on Sunday.

Sally Mason Discusses Future of the UniversityFeb 11, 13 6pm

According to an interview with the editorial board of The Des Moines Register, Sally Mason has confirmed that she will push for a continual freeze on in-resident tuition at the University of Iowa. She says that she will keep this plan for as long as she is in place as the president of the University of Iowa.

The Pirate Bay Launches DocumentaryFeb 10, 13 7am

The Pirate Bay recently launched a documentary called The Pirate Bay: Away From Keyboard and is now available on YouTube. The entire movie’s duration is about an hour and a half and has already premièred in Europe.

Microsoft Surface Pro Sells OutFeb 9, 13 3pm

It may be safe to say that the new Microsoft Surface Pro is a big hit, as CNET announced that it sold out at online Microsoft stores in the United States. [ads]It was not necessarily anticipated to be that popular, but the Microsoft Surface Pro sold out online in the United States within just a few hours of being released.

Mother Charged in Infant Death to Be Released Until TrialFeb 9, 13 5am

The young mother charged with her boyfriend in the beating death of her 20-month old son is to be released to her home until she goes to trial this summer, according to[ads]19-year-old Mireya Balderas will be allowed to live at her home with her father until she stands trial.

Homelessness an Issue in Iowa CityFeb 9, 13 5am

Homelessness is a steadily growing problem in Iowa City, but a recent article posted on told a much less sympathetic story about what is commonly thought of as a sad story.

Good-Bye UI Master of ArtsFeb 9, 13 5am

The Master of Arts program at the University of Iowa may not be around for much longer, according to a recent announcement. [ads]Not even half a decade after the creation of the Master of Arts program at the University of Iowa, Dean Downing Thomas is looking to put an end to the program.

First Suicide Bombing in MaliFeb 9, 13 12am

A suicide bomber breached a military checkpoint in northern Mali yesterday, killing himself and wounding one soldier. This is the first action presented by the Islamist rebels since the French agreed to aid Mali in a fight against the militia.

Latest Android Update Due Later This MonthFeb 8, 13 6am

Rumors have been spreading that the Android 4.2.2 update is coming later this month, but Key Lime Pie is also rumored to debut at Google in May. Google hasn’t slackened down its tinkering and polishing of the current version.
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