Posterous Announces Closure, New Service Launched to Transfer Files to Rival

Iowa City Owl
Following Posterous’ announcement that they are closing down on April, a new service was launched that would allow Posterous users to transfer their files to the blogging platform’s rival site: Tumblr.  

A new service site called JustMigrate was launched on the exact day that Posterous announced that they will be closing down. 

The service is designed to help Posterous users to transfer their data to their Tumblr accounts by means of clicking a couple of buttons. They would first be asked to input their Posterous URL, authorize it to transfer files to Tumblr, and voila! It's all set.  Users who have multiple Tumblr sites in one account will be given an option to select which blog they want their Posterous data to be imported to. 

But although the service is as helpful as it claims, only the first 100 posts will be imported for free. Additional 250 posts will cost the user $10 and 500 posts would cost around $25, and since Tumblr only allows 250 posts per day (including photos), JustMigrate will stop the upload but will then resume in the next few days until everything is imported to the user's Tumblr account. 

JustMigrate was created by a group of Indian programmers from 3Crumbs, who are originally creators of a shopping app, and since its release, JustMigrate already had about 150 blogs in queue to get their Posterous data imported to Tumblr.  

But in spite of the immediate success that JustMigrate seemed to be having with Posterous users, the Posterous team remained silent about the new service. 

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