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Apple Cuts iPad Mini Shipments in HalfMay 17, 13 11am

Apple is reportedly cutting down the shipments of iPad Mini in half due to less demand for the said device.

US Cellular service down for over five hoursMay 15, 13 9pm

Users of US Cellular in the eastern Iowa area expressed their frustration at extended downtime this evening.On Twitter, customers from Cedar Rapids to the Quad Cities tweeted about their phones having no signal.

AT&T to drop Facebook PhoneMay 13, 13 7pm

The hype was all about the Facebook phone when it was to come out, but the sales of the HTC First have been unbelievably bad. In fact, they are so bad that AT&T will drop the phone completely, according to reports.

Thirty-Seven pass alcohol complianceMay 13, 13 7pm

Iowa City conducted its alcohol sales law compliance checks Saturday, May 10 throughout the evening, and 37 of the 40 businesses passed the compliance checks. During the checks, underage individuals entered the 40 businesses and attempted to illegally purchase alcohol from whoever was working.

Iowa City man allegedly robbed a childMay 13, 13 6pm

An Iowa City man was arrested Sunday afternoon and faces charges after he allegedly robbed a young boy at gunpoint, according to a recent post on He faces a list of charges associated with the incident after the boy reported the crime to the Iowa City Police Department.

Amazon Rumored to be Developing Smartphone with Holographic 3-D DisplayMay 10, 13 10pm

Amazon is about to answer Sci-Fi geeks dreams by developing a smart phone with a holographic 3-D display. If there is something, us sci-fi geeks have been waiting for forever, it’s probably the holographic way of communicating.

U.S. Cellular to sell Apple productsMay 5, 13 9pm

Good news, U.S. Cellular customers. It is finally coming to you. U.S. Cellular has released a statement that a contract has been signed and it will be offering Apple products to customers. [ads]According to an article posted on the National Monitor website, U.

Another stabbing suspect on the loose in Iowa CityMay 5, 13 9pm

Another stabbing occurred in Iowa City Friday, and the Iowa City Police Department is on the hunt once again for another attacker, making it the second stabbing suspect on the loose in a week. [ads]Police reported to a call Saturday at around noon to Mercy Hospital for a man who had been stabbed and was being treated for related injuries.

Iowa City man crashes into KmartMay 3, 13 6pm

Police responded to an unusual call early Thursday afternoon of a man that had crashed his car into a Kmart. Investigations on site discovered that the man had been smoking marijuana before driving his car into the side of an Iowa City Kmart.

Iowa City man arrested for beating girlfriend while she was holding their babyMay 3, 13 6pm

A man in Iowa City has been arrested for allegedly attacking and beating his girlfriend while she was holding their 4-month-old infant, according to a report recently posted on the Des Moines Register website.
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