Thirty-Seven pass alcohol compliance

Iowa City Owl
Iowa City conducted its alcohol sales law compliance checks Saturday, May 10 throughout the evening, and 37 of the 40 businesses passed the compliance checks.

During the checks, underage individuals entered the 40 businesses and attempted to illegally purchase alcohol from whoever was working.

37 of these businesses refused to sell alcohol the underage person. These were, according to an Iowa City Patch press release: Leaf Kitchen, TCB, Fieldhouse Bar, One Twenty Six, Basta, Deadwood Tavern, Blue Moose Tap House, Caseys, Bo James, Atlas Wood Grill, Trumpet Blossom Cafe, Brix Cheese Shop & Wine Bar, Blue Bird Diner, Iron Hawk, Takanami, Coach's Corner Sports Pub, Kum & Go, Mickey's Irish Pub, 2 Deli Mart locations, DC's, Wig & Pen, Tobacco Outlet, Southside Liquor and Tobacco, Sushi Popo, Dubli Underground, 2 Fareway locations, Summit Bar, Pancheros, Sports Column, Union Bar, Airliner, Times Club at Prairie Lights, and Zmariks Noodle Cafe.

Three businesses did not pass the checks, as employees sold alcohol to the underage individuals attempting to buy it. These were: Smokin' Joes, The Pit Smokehouse, and Creekside Market.

The sellers that failed the compliance check received $500 fines and were charged with a simple misdemeanor.

All of these violations were also reported to the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division for violations against the licenses obtained by the businesses themselves.

Compliance checks are conducted regularly to discourage businesses from selling to underage customers and therefore reducing the amount of underage drinking in the city, along with a list of other drinnking-related problems.
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