Another stabbing suspect on the loose in Iowa City

Iowa City Owl
Another stabbing occurred in Iowa City Friday, and the Iowa City Police Department is on the hunt once again for another attacker, making it the second stabbing suspect on the loose in a week. 

Police reported to a call Saturday at around noon to Mercy Hospital for a man who had been stabbed and was being treated for related injuries. 

According to the police report and an article released on, the incident actually happened nearly a day before and the man had been treated since he entered the hospital. 

At around 2:30 p.m. Friday afternoon, the victim, an unnamed man, was attacked in his own backyard and stabbed in the chest. Allegedly, no altercation led up to the stabbing, and nothing is known about the incident. 

Upon questioning, the victim stated that he did not know the man who attacked him and had no information about his attacker to assist in the case. 

The injuries were not fatal, and the victim is recovering from the stab wounds in his chest. 

The Iowa City Police Department encourages anyone with any information that will help lead to the capture of the unknown attacker to contact the Iowa City Crimestoppers. 

This stabbing is the second in a week where Iowa City police have looked to the public for assistance in apprehension of the suspect. The first, a stabbing of two men on the street after an altercation, resulted in the attacker being identified and apprehended in a short amount of time. 
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