Iowa City man crashes into Kmart

Iowa City Owl
Police responded to an unusual call early Thursday afternoon of a man that had crashed his car into a Kmart. Investigations on site discovered that the man had been smoking marijuana before driving his car into the side of an Iowa City Kmart.

According to an article posted on the Des Moines Register website, 60-year-old Bobby Joe Cole drove his Ford Taurus into the side of the Kmart located at 901 Hollywood Blvd in Iowa City.

Police were flagged down by witnesses at about 4:30 p.m. Thursday to respond to the incident.

When police arrived, an ambulance was called for. Cole appeared to have some injuries and was still in the driver's seat of his car. Cole was removed from the vehicle and put into the ambulance to go to the hospital and be treated for injuries, but he refused to go.

Breath tests showed that he had no alcohol in his system at all, but they discovered something else that was in his system when he crashed his car into the Kmart, resulting in Cole still receiving a driving while intoxicated charge.

Cole was discovered to be under the influence of drugs. According to the report, Cole admitted to smoking marijuana right before driving his car. The amount of marijuana Cole smoked before driving is unknown.

He is being charged with driving while intoxicated for smoking marijuana before he crashed his car into the Kmart and is recovering from the injuries he received as a result of the crash.
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