U.S. Cellular to sell Apple products

Iowa City Owl
Good news, U.S. Cellular customers! It is finally coming to you! U.S. Cellular has released a statement that a contract has been signed and it will be offering Apple products to customers. 

According to an article posted on the National Monitor website, U.S. Cellular has joined the other major phone carriers and decided to enter negotiations with Apple, Inc. 

This is great news to U.S. Cellular customers, who have been unable to get the wildly popular iPhones as of yet, as the company has passed on offering the phones thus far. 

The company was affected by the decision to forgo the phone and is now reversing it. Too many customers have been lost over the last year because the company did not offer the iPhone. 

The announcement was released by U.S. Cellular's own CEO Mary Dillon herself in a call Friday afternoon. The decision has been part of a campaign to gain more customers and trust from existing ones by the company. 

No information has been given yet as to which models of Apple phones U.S. Cellular will carry.  

The deal signed was over $1 billion worth of phone agreements between the technology giant and the phone carrier. This is similar to the deals other phone carriers have signed with Apple, Inc. to offer a variety of different iPhones to customers.

U.S. Cellular is set to offer the popular iPhone to its customers later this year. Specific dates have not yet been identified, but this year is promised to those that have not given up on U.S. Cellular yet. 

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