Iowa City man allegedly robbed a child

Iowa City Owl
An Iowa City man was arrested Sunday afternoon and faces charges after he allegedly robbed a young boy at gunpoint, according to a recent post on He faces a list of charges associated with the incident after the boy reported the crime to the Iowa City Police Department.

According to police reports, a child claimed he was held at gunpoint and robbed by 61-year-old Kevin Shannon early Sunday afternoon when he visited his house, offering to mow his lawn.

The child was going door to door in his neighborhood offering to mow lawns for a small fee in order to make some extra money. One of the homes he visited belonged to Shannon, who was at home and answered the door to the boy.

The boy claimed that Shannon informed him he was an under cover police officer and gave the boy ten dollars, but told him that he did not want his yard to be mowed. The boy continued on to other homes.

Not long after he had left Shannon's home and went to other homes, Shannon pulled up to the boy again. He pulled out a gun, pointed it at the child, and demanded he be returned the ten dollars he had given the boy.

The boy returned the money and reported the crime to police. Shannon was arrested by the Iowa City Police Department shortly after 3:30 Sunday afternoon.

Shannon faces several charges, including one charge of firs degree robbery.

The child was not injured during the incident.
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