Iowa City couple turns to burglary to support habits

An Iowa City man and woman face multiple charges after attempting to break into homes early Thursday morning while their children were left at home alone.

Iowa City police responded to a call that a woman with red hair was attempting to break into someone's home.

When police arrived to the scene, they did not find the red-haired woman. They did, however, discover 24-year-old Shane Wright. They placed him under arrest and questioned him.

Wright was discovered to be carrying a backpack with paraphernalia indicative of heroin use. After a while, Wright admitted to using heroine earlier that morning.

When police went to Wright's residence, they discovered his three children home alone. The children, aged, 4, 8, and 9, had been home alone for over an hour. Wright claimed that he had walked his wife, 26-year-old Teryn Netz, to her work.

Netz was apprehended, and she was discovered to have bright red hair. She was identified as the woman spotted earlier trying to break into a home. Netz admitted to committing the burglaries to support her drug habit.

This is allegedly not her first burglary, either. Reports, as stated on the Gazette website, say that Netz committed home burglaries on June 21 as well.

Police reports for the Thursday burglary state that Netz pried off a window to a home and entered, stealing jewelry, which she later sold at a local gold dealer.

Both of the couple face charges for the incident.

Wright faces charges for child endangerment for leaving the children at home alone and a charge for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Netz faces two charges of burglary, one of second-degree theft, one of 3rd degree theft, one of attempted burglary, and one of child endangerment.
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