Peeping landlord trial pushed to September

The trial for the Iowa City landlord accused of peeping on several of his female tenants has been pushed back again, due to reasons that have not been publicly stated. The landlord will now not face trail until late September of this year.

63-year-old Elwyn Miller was set to face trial soon for a total of 11 difference counts of invasion of privacy for the peeping acts on his female tenants, according to the Des Moines Register website.

All charges are for the the landlord allegedly spying on female tenants while they were in bedrooms and bathrooms of the apartments rented on at least two of his Iowa City properties.

Miller was arrested after one tenant discovered that he was spying on her and reported him to the Iowa City Police Department. who responded to the call and found him in a nearby parking lot.

Upon his arrest, Miller readily admitted to spying on other tenants, some of which came forward after the incident became public. The charges quickly escalated from one count to the current total of 11 counts of invasion of privacy.

Miller was supposed to go to trial for the invasion of privacy charges next week, but he now faced trial September 24 instead.

He also faces civil court October 14, as one of his tenants is suing him in civil court also. Others have filed civil suits against Miller as well, but no dates for any of the other trials have been released as of yet.
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