Woman dies answering her iPhone

A lot of questions have recently come up about the death of a 23-year-old Chinese woman who allegedly died when she answered a call on her iPhone 5 - so many, in fact, that Apple has been driven to take part in the investigation on the incident.

According to reports on CNet.com, Ma Ailun, who lived in the Xinjiang region of China, was electrocuted and died when she answered a call on her iPhone. The phone was charging when she answered it.

An Apple spokesperson sent out condolences by email to the family and friends of the young woman, and assured them that the company would take full part in the investigation of the incident, cooperating with authorities readily. The email, according to CNet, stated that the company was "deeply saddened" by the event.

This is the first death by electrocution that has come to the awareness of the company, but it is not the first malfunction of the iPhone devices that has come about. Many people have released pictures of burns on their hands or on their phones from the device getting too hot.

Of course, the phone itself overheating is not always the reason for the incident, but it has been a couple times at least. Thus far, it has never been anything significant enough to raise the awareness of Apple or spur an investigation from Apple and/or authorities.

It is still under investigation as to whether Ma Ailun actually died of electrocution from answering the phone call.
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