Confidence in the Microsoft Surface lacking

The new Microsoft Surface RT was a very anticipated device, but the anticipation is over after the release, and the result seems to be an extensive amount of disappointment all the way around.

According to, the sales of the Microsoft Surface RT as of earlier this year have not been so good after all, and they are far below what was anticipated for the tablet.

The number of these tablets sold only sits at 1.5 million, which was not as much as anticipated for the device before its release.

Recent price cuts of the devices have backed up this disappointment in addition to the low sales. The original prices of the devices began at $499 for the 32 GB version and $649 for the 64 GB version. Now, they are all the way down to $349 and $499, respectively.

There have been some reports, however, that the Microsoft Surface RT has been doing well enough for the new tablet, and Microsoft remains optimistic about the number of sales already and in the future as well.

Although the RT seems to be struggling, the Microsoft Surface Pro seems to be holding steady on the market, but its prices have been a little lower than usual as well, so that may suggest the company needing to move some products for one reason or another.

Rumors also state that the tablets may not, in fact, be struggling, but the company has a desire to up the sales in order to clear out its inventory to make room for new, updated versions that are ready to hit the shelves soon.

What is the actual story?

Impressions of the sales of Microsoft's new Surface RT are obviously mixed, and whether the Microsoft Surface tablets as a line of products will be successful at all is something only time will tell.
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