Iowa City responds to 'Not Guilty' verdict for Zimmerman

The nation has literally erupted after the July 15 verdict of "not guilty" was given to George Zimmerman on the trail of the shooting of Trayvon Martin in February of last year. Cities held rallies and people outraged on various social media sites, either for or against the verdict.

Many cities expressed a lot of dissatisfaction with America's justice system because George Zimmerman faced no justice for the shooting death. Many also turned to racial issues, as it was believed George Zimmerman was targeting Trayvon Martin because he was a young African-American.

Iowa City was among the many cities that rallied against the verdict when it was released, holding a hoodie march.

According to, about 30 people in Iowa City gathered in the Pedestrian Mall downtown and marched together, shouting things like "No justice. No Peace."

Supporters of the rallies argue that it is a better way to express one's feelings about such an incident than simply venting your frustrations on Facebook. It also provides healing when you are around a group of people that feels the same about it.

For many attending, the rally was deeply personal due to gun and racial issues that are felt all over the nation. Many individuals have black family members that they feel they cannot protect against law enforcement in situations such as this.

The community wants to stand together and hopefully make some sort of impact on violence in their own community so something like this does not happen there. They also want to raise awareness to what actually happened to Trayvon Martin.

Iowa City is far from the only place that is rallying in support of Trayvon Martin because of the verdict given, and Zimmerman himself is not out of the woods yet. He may have been found "not guilty" of murder, but he is still facing trial for a violation of Trayvon Martin's civil rights as the family sues in civil court.
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