Luminosity says Iowa City is smart

Thank your city is smart enough?

Well, Iowa City has proof that it is in fact smart enough, according to a recent Luminosity survey. In fact, the survey named Iowa City and the surrounding area as one of the smartest in the nation.

Luminosity is a brain-training company based out of San Francisco that has become known through television commercials about its website.

Recent website data surveyed more than 3 million people in the United States that have used the website. These individuals have played a variety of the website's brain-training games and have been scored on various factors.

The scores were divided by location and some interesting results came about.

Results showed that Iowa City was ranked number 25 out of a total of over 1,300 cities in the nation. Even more shockingly, the region of Iowa City and surrounding areas was ranked fourth out of a total of 479.

Divided otherwise, some areas did even better on the scores. One area was ranked third out of a total of a little over 200, and in another rating, an area was sixth out of a little over 150.

The individuals were between the ages of 18 and 75.

Individuals were scored in five major areas: memory, attention, processing, problem solving, and flexibility. All of these scores made up the total rating of the mental capabilities of those that played the games.

It can be speculated that Iowa City was ranked so well because it is a college town. Other college towns across the United States did quite well also.

Surprisingly, the Iowa City area was the only area in the United States that ranked so well on the Luminosity website.
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