You get 15 seconds

Good news for Facebook and Instagram users! It's not just pictures anymore. Now, you can upload short videos to Instagram and to Facebook through Instagram.

Yes, Instagram has recently announced that it will now allow users to upload video clips to their accounts for other Instagram users to view and enjoy.

The video feature, of course, is not a long one. You are only allowed to upload 15 seconds of video footage to Instagram though your mobile phone, but this is quite a feat considering that Twitter only allows you a six second video upload to its Vine app.

Seems like Facebook has beaten Instagram on that factor.

Of course, this is still a very short video, so users and video makers will still have to get right to the point, but with a little more creativity, of course.

There is a significant difference between the six-second Vine videos, though, and the 15-second Instagram videos that is created by the time difference. While the Vine application is more like an animation that lasts six seconds and repeats itself over and over, the Instagram video is an actual 15-second video.

The question remains, though, with the new Instagram 15 seconds of video, is if the new feature will be just a fad and people will begin to gravitate away from it and back to the pictures, or if they will keep using the feature and it will be here to stay.

Only time will tell with the features added to these applications. though.
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