Drunk driver reports fight while driving

Iowa City Owl
The Iowa City Police Department were alerted to an unusual 911 call Wednesday evening, according to a recent article on globegazette.com. A man called 911 as he was drunk driving to report an incident.

49-year-old Ruston Spencer called to report a fight that had just happened as he was driving drunk away from a pharmacy store in Iowa City.

According to the report, Spencer called to report that he had been in a fight with two men in the pharmacy store parking lot. When Spencer's location was tracked, he was driving to his home. He admitted to this.

Just before the call from Spencer, police had been alerted about an intoxicated man in the pharmacy, as well as the fact that he drove away. They had also been told of the fight before Spencer called.

Spencer told them that he would be sitting outside on a lawn chair when he arrived home. He did arrive home safely and was waiting for police when they arrived to apprehend him for driving under the influence of alcohol.

When the police arrived, they administered a breath test to Spencer, showing his blood-alcohol level to be well over the legal limit. It was three times the limit to be driving a vehicle.

Spencer was arrested and is being charged with one count of drunk driving. He does not at present have an attorney listed. He faces no charges for the fight that happened at the pharmacy, nor does anyone else involved in the fight.

The two men in the fight with Spencer remain unnamed.
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