Zuckerberg looks at politics

Iowa City Owl
According to a recent story on politico.com, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has found a new outlet that has captured his attention: politics.

Zuckerberg, now 28 years old, is the official CEO of Facebook and a billionaire. It seems, though, that his interests are beginning to diverge from the day-to-day operations of his gigantic company elsewhere. He is now looking at politics.

As the article states, Zuckerberg is teaming up with some of his other company executives. The group is forming to create an advocacy organization that will address major political issues today.

The group will take on topics, mainly immigration reform.

This is a good choice for the company because the new technological developments have a very important effect on the immigration cause today. The argument about the technological developments that are being made is whether they should be used to track immigrants more closely or help them achieve citizenship.

The group has taken on the help of both Democratic and Republican forces to gain the best ideas in order to tackle the issues.

The attention Zuckerberg has received for his recent dive into politics has not been all good, but he pursues the cause.

Zuckerberg does not seem to be using his company for this, though. Instead, he has only made very small donations to two different organizations. Otherwise, this is entirely a personal move for Zuckerberg, seemingly separate from the company.

There are rumors, though, that he plans to give large amounts of money from his company to the cause, though not much as moved yet.
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