Iowa to Create Jobs

Iowa City Owl
Iowa was recently given an abundance of money for a good cause. This money will create many new jobs in various cities in Iowa, creating a burst in the economy. This money has been awarded by the state government.

According to an article on, fourteen Iowa companies have been given money that they will be allowed to use in order to expand and create more jobs in the state. The projects that will create the jobs have to be approved by The Iowa City Economic Development Authority.

The Iowa Economic Development Authority approved many projects recently in several Iowa Cities. Davenport and Sioux City were among these cities with companies that had projects creating jobs approved.

One company that was given some of this money was Ajinomoto Heartland. This company makes animal feed ingredients, and has been given $33 million. It plans to use it for a new fermentation technology that will help production.

Another company given the incentives was Alter Trading. This company is a scrap metal processor. They have gotten a $20 million expansion project approved. This project will create many more jobs.

Mid-American Glass is yet another of the companies on this list. They will receive assistance for a new building expansion plan that will create 13 more jobs.

Exoteric Analytics will also receive a small amount of money to continue their development of a system that will aid in the production of the monitoring system used for seed corn producers.

The accepted incentives total 270 jobs that will be created for people.
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