Iowa City Man Kept Dog Waste Near Child

Iowa City Owl
A recent arrest by the Iowa City Police has led to a man facing a list of charges, including drug-related ones and child endangerment.

Police were called to a mobile home belonging to 28-year-old Lyle Robert Hopkins in a park in August.

Within the trailer, Iowa City Police discovered drug paraphernalia, a .22 revolver, and a home that was in a "general state of disarray," according to a report on The Gazette website.

The police report stated that the toilet did not work in the mobile home. In addition, there was trash all over and dog waste on the floor. Some of this was even very close to the toys of a small child that lived in the home with Hopkins. There was dog waste next to the child's crib as well.

Hopkins admitted that the child had been there recently when the home was in that condition. He also admitted that the drugs were his, and others came over to the mobile home to use drugs with him.

Police completed a total search of the mobile home. They found a light bulb with burn marks and powder residue. The bulb was suspected to be drug paraphernalia, but was sent to the lab for testing. The substance identified was known as 4-mec, a material used in the production of what are commonly called "bath salts."

Hopkins was placed under arrest and faces a list of charges, including ones for the drugs found and child endangerment.

Hopkins has an extensive criminal history. He has been charged with several drug violations and theft. He was charged in October again with theft and operating a vehicle while intoxicated.
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